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About Us

CINECHINA Limited, Hong Kong was registered in Hong Kong in the year 2000. During the initial establishment, CINECHINA mainly focused his business on jointly developing cinema fundamental equipments, including projectors, seats, sound equipments as well as cinema exclusive decoration materials etc., with China mainland suppliers and manufacturers, as well as purchasing high quality chain cinema equipments with low cost in South Asia. Within the next two years, CINECHINA achieved a great success around India, Philippines, as well as Middle East area including UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and Egypt.

CINECHINA began to set his foot in modern multiplex cinema investment and construction starting from the year 2000. In this year, CINECHINA directed the design and construction works for Dalian Ownar Cinema, whereafter participated in the investment and construction of Guangzhou Nanhai Square Cinema in 2001. In the same year, CINECHINA also fully took charge of the design and construction works of Shanghai Grand Gateway Cinema, which was purchased by Warner Bros in 2003. All of the three cinemas achieved great success in China film market. In 2002, CINECHINA sequently built Nanjing New City Cinemas and Wuhan Shopping Mall Cinemas. As a go-between, CINECHINA realized the cooperation between Shanghai Film Group and Warner Bros, as well as Dalian Wanda Group and Warner Bros. Most of the CINECHINA staffs employed by Warner Bros in 2003 were in charge of Warner Bros cinema development and construction on China until Aug.  2005. During that period, Warner Bros accomplished the cooperation with Shenzhen International Trust & Investment Company (SITIC), Guangzhou Jinyi Film & Television Company, jointly invested and constructed cinemas with quite a few large-scale investment companies, such as Dalian Wand Group, Chongqing Sincere Group, Xiamen Mingfa Group, Shanghai Shimao Group, Xi’an Luckyking Group, etc. Over ten cinemas were accomplished such as the WB Wanda Tianjin, Nanning, Wuhan, Haerbin, Dalian Cinemas, WB Jinyi Wuhan, Guangzhou Cinemas, as well as WB SITIC Chongqing, Changsha, Nanchang Cinemas, which brought China new cinema development to a new climax.

In fall of 2005, CINECHINA restarted his business in new cinema developmet in China. Within only one year, CINECHINA accomplished 18 cinemas, 164 screens throughout China at a dash, which occupied over 70% of the actual newly added screens of the whole country that year. The outstanding achievement is second to none in this field. Again in 2007, CINECHINA added over 100 new screens, which was the second year that CINECHINA continuously became top of the cinema field. "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of our country put forward the request to the film industry the target of adding 300 new screens annually. Under the guideline of this plan, CINECHINA enhanced the cooperation of both domestic and foreign collaborators and kept leading the development and construction of local cinema projects.

In 208,5.12 earthquake Happened in Wenchuan,CINECHINA took the initiative with collaborators in film industry to build “Dujiangyan Hope Cinemas” in the disaster area. Right after 19 Aug. 2008, the hundred commemoration day of the earthquake, “Hope Cinema” opened on the ruins of the disaster area, experiencing continuously aftershocks. It was as the first accomplished into use counterpart project between Shanghai and Dujiangyan, as well as the first accomplished permanent project of Dujiangyan rebuilding. This cinema, with 4 screens and over 350 seats, not only symbolized heart and determination of CINECHINA and collaborators as Chinese Film workers, but also set up a benchmark for Chinese film industry in building cinemas in earthquake protecting areas.

at the beginning in 2010, has completed in Beijing by world famous movie star Mr. Jackie chan and Yao lai the group joint venture investment Beijing Wukesong Yao lai cinema, this cinema  is the Chinese biggest five-star cinema total 17 halls at present, 3550 chairs, the area is 15000 square meters, the most hall was Asia has provided the elevator stage showing hall only. 

in 2010,As the proclaimed data shown in the “Chinese Film Market Review” published in the beginning of 2009 by China Film Distribution and Exhibition Institute, CINECHINA has participated in 80 modern multiple cinema construction in China since 2000, and has dedicated over 20% box office to Chinese new cinemas on the current year. Actually, a CINECHINA brand cinema has become the standard and benchmark of Chinese new cinemas, and also a favorite movie watching place popular among film audiences throughout China. Now, even none of the Chinese new cinemas won’t use any relevant cinema product developed by CINECHINA.

For the future of Chinese films, CINECHINA would like to contribute effort to the development of Chinese film industry, and contribute to building a powerful socialist civilization as well as carrying forward Chinese cultural enterprise.

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