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Chongqing Jiayu international theatre opening

On July 13, Chongqing fine abundant international cinema city starting doing business celebration north Chongqing the golden port international shopping center square hold, the Yubei District area four big organized group main leaderships cuts the ribbon for the starting doing business celebration, the area 12 six entire commissions attended the meeting representative to attend the ceremony. 











The Chongqing fine abundant international cinema city invests independently by the Chongqing fine abundant film and television media Limited company, joins the domestic only digital courtyard line - - earth digit movie theater line. The theater designs, the construction by the Chinese movie industry overall style, the hardware necessary complete, the five-star repair and the localization, are Chongqing and even the entire big Southwest unusual first-level cinema city. The fine abundant international cinema city has 4 multi-purpose entire digital shade hall, equals 1000 seats. Cinema city equipment, facility international first-class, the equipment has conforms to the international DCI standard Belgian import digit film projector (the 2K standard) and the showing server (MPEJ2 or the JPEG2000 standard), this set of equipment are can only the global synchronization showing first run movie significant investment (show equipment's investment and effect homogeneous phase difference ten times with present market

Yubei Jiayu international studios in July, 14-25 July, during the trial operation, will hold a "million" free viewing activities, welcome the masses of people to come to the audience to experience five-star audio-visual feast.

In the next three years, Cinechina and television with the Carnival will continue to work together in the southwest of building at least 10 more five-star international studios to Southwest Film and TV industry hardware facilities, prosperity Southwest Film and TV industry.


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