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Congratulates company General Manager Mr. Yingang to win 2009 year movie profession outstanding contributions honorary award

Mr.Yingang: very unexpected, telling the road you will see a lot of cars, very few people will see the highway, I am a dedicated repair cinema, so here I can get the Tencent presented awards really unexpected, I think, first of all thanks Tencent, Oh, of course, I am not grateful Tencent has given me the prize, I would like to thank the Tencent own hundreds of millions of Internet users and a strong network of support to the Chinese film provides a good platform, but also to hundreds of millions of viewers in China provides a platform to let the audience in this platform free express our favorite every actor and each movie. Thank you, Tencent China film support. At the same time, I would also like to thank the Chinese film audience, although we Chinese are now the number of films, but also rarely regardless of the Chinese film when the hottest or hit you has been supporting the development of Chinese cinema.Also thanked company's colleagues in the past's five years, constructed in motherland each region has surpassed 100 movie theaters, last year had surpasses 150,000,000 audiences to watch the movie in the movie theater which we constructed, thanked in here sincerity the audience, thanked Tencent. 

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