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The film DaBingXiaoJiang Private viewing will organise successful

 Yesterday Jackie Chan the Yao lai international cinema city began in Beijing, Cheng Long took along "Main strength Young fellow" the dramatic team attends together, Cheng Long's numerous good friends as well as the professional came to support. The theater anticipated future position has reflected the movie "Main strength Young fellow", this piece lunar New Year's Day officially will be shown to the public in lunar calendar. 

Jackie Chan is very small, he said he would like to watch movies, go on the road of the performing arts, "over the past few years Chinese film soon, I hope that more viewers, more people can walk into the cinema, to support our development of Chinese cinema. We have a full schedule of movies is to use low fares, let more people into high quality movie to watch high-quality movies. "People think that Jackie Chan's own theater is to make money, he said:" I make money off cinema is to do more charitable work, because a lot of young director film is no market, there is no way to invest in cinema film, he is trying to help them work with broad audiences.

































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