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1. Wanda Group
At present, China most has forward-looking and the step quickest strength theater investor. Establishes only 5 year Wan Da the courtyard line into China courtyard line profession to command troops the enterprise, and becomes Asia to be in the lead gradually the international place courtyard line, is established subordinates in 2005 in ten thousand reaches the group, until at the end of 2009, occupies the market share 15%, proliferates in the national 30 cities, is courtyard line which the nation is listed first, in 2009 20 ten thousand reach the cinema city to enter national cinema city box office first 100, Wuhan, Tianjin, the Beijing CBD Shop three cinema cities are by the ultra 50,000,000 box offices the national cinema city first ten.  

2. Guangzhou Jinyi Film Investment Co., Ltd
jinyi film and television group is the fine abundant group and Guangzhou Performance Company joint contribution establishment, is engaged in the luxurious multi-hall cinema city investment construction specially the investment management group. We had Guangzhou, Wuhan, Zhongshan, Wuxi, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jiaxing, Tianjin, Beijing, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Zhanjiang, Suzhou, Dongguan, Zhaoqing, Shenyang, Qinhuangdao at present and so on nearly 30 modernized luxurious multi-hall cinema city, at present altogether has more than 100 to conform to the international vanguard technology standard movie hall, always attends a banquet surpasses 30,000, about the yearly average addition movie box office nearly hundred million Yuan, and argues vigorously into the Chinese biggest movie theater investor and transports peddler one.

3. Zhangjiagang century combined audio and visual equipment co., Ltd.
Zhangjiagang century combined audio and visual equipment co., Ltd was established in 2004, the registered capital is a company specialized in the production of audiovisual equipment and professional theater equipment, audio and video from the film and television, industrial design, textiles, and other fields have many years of experience and achievements of a number of experts. From Taiwan Chang Fu technology co., Ltd technical support and European cinema seat expert guidance. Century joint company's main products include cinema professional seat, multifunctional chair, cinema and other audiovisual entertainment, cinema and a public lightbox steps, as well as several cinema decoration material, etc. Their products are a high starting point, internationalization, mainly exported to Taiwan, Southeast Asia, North America and other international markets. In addition, the company's products, projection screen and projector, and so on. Theater chairs the annual production capacity of 8 million sets, 40 million, a screen projector 5 million units. web:www.centuryunion.com

4.China Film Digital Cinema Co., Ltd
Digital cinema circuit co., Ltd was established in December 2003, with the aim of implementing the national plan for the implementation of digital movies, increase the digital cinema market operation and coordination of capacity to attract foreign capital in joint development of the digital cinema market in China. Throughout the development and construction of digital cinema, is responsible for the digital version of the film's release and show. With the increase in the number of digital cinema, digital film distribution will greatly reduce the cost, you can predict the future will have more and better domestic and imported movie with digital projection in the form on the market. According to the national development plan, the company will continue to expand the development of digital cinema and the scale of construction. At that time, will become the film distribution and exhibition market.

5. Shanghai Film Group Corporation
Shanghai art by Studio, film studio in Shanghai, Shanghai film dubbing factory, Shanghai Science education film Studio, such as the composition, shanghaidianyingjishuchang is currently China's largest and one of the strength of the film group. Shangying groups to film and TV content production, cinema operators and the movie channel for media and television publicity as the main business and diversifying into television related products and services, production, distribution, integration, and TV show recorded a disc of comprehensive development management pattern. Shangying group-Shanghai Lianhe cinemas, is the most powerful line across provinces, box office receipts.

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