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6. Beijing air theater on the left bank investment management co., Ltd.
From 2009 onwards has invested heavily in the major cities in the country to build international high standards, modern multi-functional film city – left bank international film city and Galaxy Cinema City International, 2009, Beijing left cinema investment management co., Ltd. in China has been built and put into operation on the left bank, five Galaxy international film city, number 33 block screen; plan 2014, cumulative and operation 80 left bank international film city, number of screen, 600 blocks become movie investment and operation of one of the most outstanding. At the same time will take full advantage of its rich international resources, capital, and movie content and management, creating first-class modern enterprise internationalization.

7.Beijing Yao lai international theater management co., Ltd.
In order to expand its field of avant-garde culture dissemination. Start in several major cities in China to establish chain cinemas, Beijing flagship store in the downtown district, Haidian District, Beijing Wukesong officially opened, there will be a 15 year Jackie Chan Yiu-established international studios, has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major cities, Jackie Chan movie has a professional management team, new business philosophy, modern holistic management, the ultimate service, allowing customers to enjoy the most comfortable hospitality and service. New concepts, new ideas will Jackie Chan movie become the core of the cinema.


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