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Since 2000, CINECHINA has developed and built over 100 cinemas throughout China. All these cinemas have made excellent achievements in local film market. more than half the top 50 cinemas ranking by box office and admission were built by CINECHINA.CINECHINA has made great contribution to the increasing of national and local box office and admission.

Cinemas developed,designed and built by CINECHINA during the past years are listed as follows:

Shanghai Paradise Warner Cinema
Architecture Area:5000 sq.m.
Scale:9 Screens、1550 Seats
Address:6F Grand Gateway, No.1 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai
Foshan Nanhai Plaza Cinema
Construction Area:2450 sq.m.
Scale:4 Screens,600 Seats
Address:1F Nanhai Plaza,Nanhai District,Foshan
Guangzhou China Plaza Cinema
Opening:Feb. 2002
Construction Area:6000 sq.m.
Scale:8 Screens,1300 Seats
Address:8F China Plaza, No.33 Zhongshansan Road,Guangzhou
Dalian Ownar Cinema
Construction Area:10108 sq.m.
Scale:10 Screens,2000 Seats
Address:2F Peace Plaza, No.522 Zhongshan Road,Shahekou District,Dalian
Tianjing Wanda Cinema
Opening:Mar. 2004
Construction Area:7370 sq.m.
Scale:10 Screens, 2674 Seats
Address: 2F Wanda Plaza, No.168 Fu An Street, Heping District , Tianjin
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