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Service & Support

CineChina provides a thorough consulting service for the investment, development, design, construction, and management of modern cinema projects. The scope of the technical services includes cinema construction design, inner-decoration design, project tendering, construction administration, equipments collocation, installation commission, and checking of completion.

Detailed technical services are as follows:

1. Cinema Prophase Deveopment
a.   Whole Plan ---- Investment Plan、Site Construction Plan、Region Plan、Feasibility Analysis
b.   Single Plan ---- Choosing Location、Marketing Research、Commercial Negotiation、Prophase Programming、Feasibility Analysis、Construction Drawings

2. Cinema Design
Design drawings
Tendering service
Administration of the whole construction process
Equipment collocation service
Administration of the whole process of equipment installation
Administration of the whole process of completion checking and handing over
Assisting the managing party with the preparation works before the cinema opening

. Cinema Management
CineChina will provide modern Cineplex with a comprehensive operation management service. The “Management Service” includes the management and operation which means the supervision, direction and controlling of the cinema’s daily business. Also, CineChina will provide professional services that are suitable to the management of a international standard cinema.

The services include:

Opening Start-up
Certificate transaction、market research、staff employment、opening arrangement

*Comprehensive Operation Management
Establishing such management plans as the operation、finance、HR、market development、cinema maintenance to guarantee the normal running of the cinema.

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